Adrienne Solomon [A.D. Solo] at the gym on Christmas Day

Adrienne Solo, known in the Mortal Kombat/Fighting Game Community as A.D. Solo, is a pretty admirable person. Although she was introduced to me as an interviewer, on Twitter she’s been a source of motivation and inspiration. I asked her for an interview because I wanted to know why she became an interviewer as well as why she chose to be a part of the FGC. She made sure to give me a story I’d be proud to relay to you all.

“I got my start in gaming fairly young, at around five or six years old playing with her brother…

Constructing My Combo

I took this week to site two women that are new to the FGC, but want to make a statement the best way they can. Both of these women didn’t really know how they would make that statement but their determination will make you want to root for them anyway.

AliciaxLife commentating Soul Calibur 6 Day 1 at Final Round 2019.

Within the last two years, one of the most positive forces in the FGC has certainly been the younger generation who are simply trying to make names for themselves or build a positive atmosphere for them to grown in. One in particular who has used her platform to inspire and motivate is a lovely all of positivity (on the mic and in person) is Ms. Alicia Junus (known to all of us as AliciaxLife), AXL team owner and FGC commentator for Tekken, Soul Calibur and DOA.

Life, who is an active supporter of the Ladies Night! community, sites that she…

Constructing My Combo

I hope everyone has had a good start to their new year so far! Since this is the first newsletter in a few months, I wanted to take the time to fill you all in on a few things that the Ladies Night! (#ladiesnightfc) community has been up to since taking the small break from the newsletter.

Firstly, we now have a Discord and a Twitter page to interact with everyone. The discord is for women only, so if you’d like an invite please dm me on my Twitter page or dm the Ladies Night! Twitter page.

We also are…

Author’s Note: This was originally written on my Wix account, but I decided to bring it here since it is a Ladies Night! feature.

When we think of Tekken’s Baltimore FGC community, we usually think of a tight knit group who looks out and supports each other. One of the sources of that is one that many like to call ‘Mom’. Her name is Amethyst Lady, an inspirational woman who releases nothing but positivity for her children to feed off of.

I interviewed the 32 year old for one of my Ladies’ Night! Newsletters, where she revealed she’s been active…

Constructing My Combo

Thank you to everyone who came to Ladies Night! last week. It surely was an eventful one to say the least. This weeks newsletter will shift it’s focus to another part of the FGC, the NRS (or Netherrealm) scene. This scene focuses more on 2D/2.5D fighters such as Mortal Kombat and Injustice. Although I play both of these games casually, I don’t think I will ever compete these games. The ladies I interviewed for this newsletter each have done so and have made a positive impact on the scene itself.

The Netherealm women are some of the feistiest crew in…

Happy New YEAR!!!

This issue is a bit special to me because I particularly wanted to take about my favorite moments that happened with the ladies of the fgc this year. I narrowed it down to seven moments that I thought stood out with the ladies in the FGC this year.

I thought it’d be cool to share favorite moments, but Twitter’s word limit limits me from saying too much, so I made it a newsletter. I held off on interviews this week because of this and because I wanted to ring in the New Year with this list.


Constructing my Combo

I hope everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas! Unfortunately Santa missed me this year, but then again I’m pretty sure he missed most of the adults. This issue isn’t going to have a feature, but I do want to highlight two women who are still relatively new to the FGC, but each are doing what they can to grow and improve in.

Before I get into that, I want to make a few announcements about upcoming events involving the Ladies Night! community that will kick off the 2019 New Year right:

  1. PC Tekken 7 Ladies Night! sessions will begin in…

Ladies, I didn’t construct my combo this week. I felt that I said enough in last weeks newsletter and instead, I added a feature that’s very important to know when competing in fighting games (or just playing at a high level). But before I go straight into it the interviews for this week, I wanted to feature a topic that was brought up during Ladies Night last week (click here for highlights):

In the FGC, some of us may know our fundamentals and how to do well under pressure at tournaments, but what many of us don’t know is how…

Taneisha Jane

I’m Professor Taneisha ‘High Kick’ Jane; a member of the fighting game community (FGC) and founder of the Tekken 7 Ladies Night fight night’s on Twitch tv.

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